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Ludo Star Carpet Game

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  • Detail of Ludo Star 2-4 Players.

    1. Parent-child Activities Suitable For outdoor and Indoor Play
    2. Ludo Star game for 2-4 people to play.
    3. Take the same color pieces per person 4, Colors were placed on Chessboard Relative “base” Location.
    4. Player sequentially turns dice, must throw “6” point can only be one from the base moved to the starting point.
    5. If the throw was “6” point, The pawn can move forward will be the 6 lattice or other optional one aircraft from the”Base” move to the starting point.
    6. Pieces move according to dice points core steps, steps must be shown by the arrow direction, Requires an Outer finish the week after then his front can directions into the middle, destination end to win. (should just reach the end) If just leave terminal point to have 3 steps, Ludo Star dice as “5” is to end after going down back to home.
    7. Go to the same color piece of the grid, it can route indicated by the arrow directly move to the front of the same Color of the grid. If the same color and do with their shortcut arrows marked with a grid, according to arrows may go The same color in front of the grid
    8. When the piece has been checked by the advance of the pawn of another color at the top, they can be pieces of Another color back to its base by, which is by the piece to be started.
    9. Ludo star to advance to the grid which, have the same color pieces at the top pawn can be stacked with Colored pieces together in advance.
    10. Ludo Star has reached the finish line first player the winner of the game for the council.

  • Piece: 16
  • Size: 60 * 60cm
  • 2-4 Players
  • Age 6 years
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Ludo Star Carpet Game
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