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Crayola Crayon Melter-040384
Discover a whole new way to create with your crayons. Make liquefied crayon designs with the Crayon Melter. Plug it in, load your crayon and create amazing wax art with melted crayons on cardboard, canvas, wood and more. Sleek, compact...
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Frozen Restaurant Trolley-922-60F
Frozen My Little Trolley...
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Intex Jungle Fun Cottage Wendy House
A high quality vinyl play tent with jungle animal design This house shaped tent has a door opening and a roof skylight A wonderful hideout for children, both easy to assemble and beautifully designed, this is a must for the...
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Children's Anti-Lost Traction Rope 360-Degree Rotation Adjustable Breathable Anti-Lost Wrist Strap
Children's Anti-Lost Traction Rope 360-Degree Rotation Adjustable Breathable Anti-Lost Wrist Strap  
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Barbie Happy Birthday Doll GDJ36
Barbie Happy Birthday Doll GDJ36 Barbie doll sparkles in a glittery party dress to celebrate a birthday The glam look stands out with a glittery soft light-pink bodice and vibrant hot pink skirt with sparkling details Matching accessories include a...
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Winfun 1156 R/C Light N Sounds Train
Winfun 1156 R/C Light N Sounds Train Infrared remote control steering wheel and train set Steering wheel controls forward and backward movement Beep the horn on the steering for honking horn sounds Press the button on the chimney for fun...
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WINFUN MIC LIGHT AND SOUND-001803 Sing-along mic with animal sounds, rhythms and colorful flashing lights Turn the rings to play animal sounds and rhythms (with 25 different sound combinations) Press and hold the mic key to amplify your child's voice Crowd...
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Deluxe kitchen set
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Barbie®Ultimate Curls™ Doll and Playset
Create gorgeous curled hairstyles for Barbie® doll with Barbie® Ultimate Curls™ playsets. It’s so easy with no-heat tools! There are two ways to curl Barbie® doll’s long blonde hair -- with the curling iron or the curlers, and nothing uses...
Rs.6,250.00 Rs.4,000.00
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Barbie Pets-Doggy Daycare, Multi-Colour
​Barbie doll has started a Doggy Day-care with 4 adorable pet friends for children to care for. Includes Barbie doll with outfit and shoes, pooping puppy, peeing puppy, 2 smaller puppies, water bottle, food dish, 3 bones, a blanket and...
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Colorful & Safe Wooden Small Letters for Kids Learning (A to Z)
Colorful & Safe Wooden Small Letters for Kids Learning (A to Z) Introduce your little ones to the vibrant world of alphabets with our Colorful Wooden Small Letters set, specially designed for early learners. Crafted with love and precision, each...
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Pack of 6 colorful balls - press ball and chu chu funny sound will come out
Pack of 6 colorful balls - press ball and chu chu funny sound will come out Introducing our vibrant Chu-Chu Colorful Baby Ball Set – designed exclusively for tiny hands and curious minds! Every squeeze rewards your little one with...
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Hot Wheels 2021 Batman 2 of 5 The Batman Batmobile
Hot Wheels 2021 Batman 2 of 5 The Batman Batmobile 
Rs.1,090.00 Rs.790.00
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Hot Wheels - Range Rover Classic 1:64 - 2022
Hot Wheels - Range Rover Classic - 2022  
Rs.1,090.00 Rs.790.00
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Hot wheels Regular – 71 Dodge Charger – 5/10 – 109/250 – Multicolor
Hot wheels Regular – 71 Dodge Charger – 5/10 – 109/250 – Multicolor
Rs.1,090.00 Rs.790.00
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Batman Superman V Wonder Woman Action Figure
Batman Superman V Wonder Woman Action Figure 

Toys for girls are considered to be the long lasting friends of young baby girls and old ones too. We have been offering numerous collections of toys for girls. Different categories associated with toys for girls include indoor toys, outdoor toys, education and knowledge, and learning toys, Dolls, and playsets, accessories, and many others. Simultaneously, we have toys for kids’ girls and young girls presented by famous brands.

If you looking to buy any kind of girls’ toys, you have come to the right place. Have a look at our beautiful collections of baby dolls which your little girl will adore along with doll accessories, furniture and other toys for girls to create fantasy playtime and learning opportunities.


Stressing over this year’s top toys for girls? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say. Yet, the younger girls have no idea how beautiful or extremely valuable these expensive stones are. They stick to the ones which they can enjoy. Some top toys for your darling princess range from the most traditional with spruced-up designs or something completely new and fun!

Here, you can find toys for kids for almost any event plus specific themes. They include costumes, masks, and sunglasses. Additionally, we have a variety of small toys for girls in Pakistan according to children’s age group that quickly meet their needs, desires, and wishes.

Many girls prefer to perform indoor games. They include board plus puzzle games, performing with musical mics, Scrabble, dolls plus monopoly, and more. You can get all these things for your adorable girl from here.


Probably the most attractive toys for girls are usually Dolls and Dollhouses. You can buy adorable Barbie doll toys for girls from this web store.

Girls love everything about their dolls. Usually, a girl’s playhouse is full of her collection of favorite dolls and their accessories. They like to dress up these dolls. They choose clothes for their Dolls for various occasions, just like a grown-up woman will do. Every girl had most likely experienced buying a Barbie or at least playing with it in her lifetime. These sorts of toys display girls’ maternal intuition.

Girls also like to have fun with their Dollhouses. They decorate their Doll homes with mini furnishings and mini devices. It is the place where their Dolls generally ‘live.’

In addition to this, many other great crafted target toys for baby girls are available in our Online Toys for Girls in Pakistan. Some cool toys with accessories consist of a dressing desk, mini mice, housekeeping, cosmetic products, dinosaurs, fashion sets, laundry washing sets, and kitchen toys. In this particular way, they could make a perfect house for their Barbie Dolls using these types of toys.


It is true that girls are innovative by nature. You can improve their creativity simply by getting toys like drawing projectors, art tables, stationery, remote control vehicles, dog and cat toys, etc.

Girls’ toys are specially made to appeal to girls of all ages. Our variety of girls’ toys suits specific developmental points in a girl’s life.

Girls’ toys can, naturally, end up being enjoyed by kids, and our girls’ toys category is designed to make certain varieties of toys much easier to find for parents.

You can Buy Toys for Girls in Pakistan from us at the One Toy Store. It is an ideal place to find everything you need from playsets to mermaid Dolls as well as Christmas and Eid toys.

See that twinkling sparkle in the girl’s eyes with magical princess products or even toys that are usually both thrilling educational. Whatever your little girl needs, our wide variety provides you with a good number of options.


Do you know why you should have the best baby toys for girls? Some of the sweetest times you’ll spend with your babies will be the times of your lives which you will cherish forever once they will outgrow your laps. Therefore, having toys like a playing house will always be a favorite toy for your baby girl as well as for you.

Also Check Our Collection: Baby Toys Pakistan.

From cooking food on playsets of pots and pans to putting the particular food onto plastic material play dishes, kids can always find the fun.

They’ll spend hours talking in order to their Barbie toys for girls, nourishing them and rocking them to rest. They like all of them.

Here, you can discover specific baby doll toys for girls made especially for your baby. Even if they’re noise-free, babies still like to take part in playing with these toys.

Every baby girl likes to have a handbag that she can hold around. The particular purse should have every item the girls like to have in it. The purse is roomy enough that you can end up being able to include a few additional touches. They consist of a pair associated with sunglasses and the dainty hairbrush for those important curly hair touchups.

You’ll find just about all those and much more from the One Toy Store. All of these toys will dazzle your little girl.

We Know What Toys Girls Want

Girls like role-playing games. Nevertheless, when they play role-play games, these are usually much more realistic and fun as compared to boys. For girls, they will simply act out activities in everyday life similar to a house or school, in comparison to boys, that usually pretend to become superheroes with unnatural powers or astronauts who will travel through space.

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Other interesting girls’ toys are cash sign-up toys and play money, where they will pretend to become cashiers or buyers in a grocery shop. Additionally, they like actively playing with kitchen toys for girls and pretending that will they are food preparation their very own food. Girls’ toys usually look fairly sweet and cuddly, and cute.

Girls furthermore like toys that imitate domestic items. They include ovens, washers, cooking items, groceries, dishes, plus other household objects. This shows the particular domestic side associated with girls.

Doctor’s or nurses’ kits with toy stethoscope, thermometer, or even medicines are some other popular toys for girls.

If you want to have Toys for Girls Online Pakistan, The One Toy Store is your number one spot. Just take a look at our wide range of girls’ toys today and you won’t be disappointed. Once you find and fall in love with ideal items, click these to view and buy at the lowest possible prices.

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