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PU Bowling Set-ZY1218
PU Bowling Set-ZY1218
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Frozen Restaurant Trolley-922-60F
Frozen My Little Trolley...
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Tikes Patrol Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Edition (1 Piece)
A fun police-car theme creates a new world of imagination and pretend with this Cozy Coupe riding toy. Kids love the working door and foot-to-floor movement. It's easy for kids to start and stop! Unlike other riding toys - the...
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Police Response Cozy Coupe (1 Piece)
A fun police-car theme creates a whole new world of imagination and pretend-play with this Cozy Coupe riding toy. For generations, children have been taking adventure and imagination on the road with one of the original ride on toys—  the...
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Cozy Cab Black (1 Piece)
Catch a ride on our Cozy Coupe Cab, now in a black version! The fun taxi styling will make children want to take this riding toy for a spin. Easy to stop and start, the extra maneuverability makes it ideal...
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Princess Cozy Coupe - Magenta (1 Piece)
With a handle for parents to push and a removable floor board for when the child is young, this Princess Cozy Coupe is a riding toy that any little girl will love! As the child grows it converts to a...
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Princess Cozy Truck (1 Piece)
This pink and purple ride-on toy truck is just right for toddler girls! The foot-to-floor ride on is easy to start and stop. Parents will love the push handle on the roof and little girls will love the working door...
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Easy Score Soccer Set - Primary (1 Piece)-620812
This soccer set is a great way for kids to learn the fundamentals of soccer. Goalies can gain confidence making saves while shooters improve their shot making.
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Large structure with 3D details & functional opening & closing door. • Lightweight & portable with patented twist N’ fold technology. • Stimulates kids’ creative mind. • Easy set up and storage for fun on the go. 
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Play Hut City Camping Tent
Pretend City Adventure Camping Tent Perfect for ages 3+ Real Pop Up Awning complete with support Rods Has Side access tunnel opening and windows + owl accessory Open Dimension are 45 x 44.8 x 35 inches Pops up in seconds...
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Golf Set
Golf Set
Golf Set
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Dede Spiderman Swing Toy-03062
Spiderman Swing - Swinging on a swing is one of the favorite activities of children.- You can be sure that your children will be very happy when they see the swing.- You can easily carry it wherever you want.- It...
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Pop Tent Mix Character SG7003LFZ-2B/SG7003MZ-2
Pop Tent Mix Character SG7003LFZ-2B/SG7003MZ-2  Age 3+ Balls 100pcs

Outdoor play toys are great for children who like to spend time outside the home. There are many types of toys available in the market that can fit any outdoor space for all occasions. It may be a birthday party or summer picnic where toys would make great complementary components to the occasions for the children.

Check ultimate collections of online outdoor play toys at a high quality and affordable price in Pakistan from our own OneToyStore.


Outdoor toys can include sand pits which come in many shapes and sizes today. The available sizes can fit all garden spaces to bring the beach atmosphere to the home. Children enjoy hours of fun in the sun and sand without the danger of tides and waves. It gives excellent pleasure to the kids.

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Climbing frames prove to be great toys for active children. These are excellent motor skill pieces to strengthen the muscles of growing children. There is a wide selection of climbing frames that are easily installed as outdoor toys. These pose a safe and fun challenge to children who are curious and adventurous.

Tips For Choosing Safe Outdoor Play Toys

Children's outdoor toys are of great benefit to both parents and kids. Outdoor play toys help in exercise and at the same time provide entertainment. There are a few things which you have to keep in mind before buying outdoor toys. You need to follow certain safety rules. Remember that however safe the outdoor play toys may be, your child will need some supervision and an adult to take care of. Children often need to have someone to monitor and guide them.

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Basic tips for online outdoor play toys are as follows:

  • You must follow the age range, which the manufacturers suggest on the outdoor play toys.
  • You should really stick to the guidelines mentioned on the toys.
  • Toys must be lightweight, do not have any sharp or rough edges, and are solid and unbreakable.
  • Find outdoor play toys that are of good quality and are durable.

Advantages of Outdoor Play Toys

One of the most attractive advantages of outdoor play toys is that they encourage physical fitness. This is an important issue, especially in a society that is trying to find ways to combat obesity in (of all people) children. Playing with outdoor toys means a lot of running around, and this is what may hold the key to children's fitness, as they get to burn off the unwanted fat in the process.

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Another advantage associated with outdoor play toys is the fact that they encourage social development in the kids. This too is not to be taken lightly; because due to modern influences, we are at the grave risk of raising a future generation of social recluses, who are content to sit in front of their TVs and computers all day long, without any real human contact.

Outdoors toys take the kids to the outside, and once there, the probability of social contact developing is greater than when they are indoors playing video games. In the latter case, other kids coming to see them would need for the other kids to come knocking - and that is quite a huge barrier for kids.


Outdoor toys are of much significance in the modern world, where kids are glued to the TV or computer games, leading to inaction and obesity. A huge variety of online outdoor play toys are available in the market that is designed specifically to keep children entertained and busy. There are both simple and inexpensive toys and massive and expensive ones that can be selected according to the requirement, space, and budget.

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Children's outdoor toys are of much use especially during parties and family get-togethers. They can be placed in the front yard as good and constructive additions, and children can spend the daytime in physical activities.

OneToyStore is one of the best sites to shop for children's outdoor play toys online. You will come across all types of online outdoor play toys from wooden toys to different types of outdoor climbing frames. You can trust our collection here in which we are offering outdoor toys according to the age groups.

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